>> REPRoMag project poster <<

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>> 19th Plansee Seminar (June 2017)

"Fused Filament Fabrication for the Production of Metal and/or Ceramic Parts and Feedstocks Therefore", C. Kukla, J. Gonzalez-Gutierrez, S. Cano Cano, C. Burkhardt,S. Hampel, T. Moritz and C. Holzer. Poster

>> 26. Leobener Kunststoff-Kolloquium (April 2017) <<

„Metal Injection Moulding for the Production of Recycled Rare Earth Magnets“, J. Gonzalez-Gutierrez, A. Walton, T. Schlauf, C. Burkhardt, C. Kukla, M. Krispin and C. Holzer. Poster

>> STEM for Britain (March 2017) <<

„Additive Manufacturing of Recycled Permanent Magnets: The Realisation of a Greener Future“, N. Hillier. Poster