Benefits and impacts

Thanks to its highly innovative developments, REProMag will bring non-negligible benefits and added value to end-users and technology adopters on many aspects:

  • Material: The use of 100% recycled powder and feedstock assures an independency from critical raw materials. Moreover, the net-shape process assures a closed material loop making the whole process sustainable.
  • Geometry: The shaping process through Metal Injection Moulding (MIM) and 3D printing allows the realisation of RE-magnets with complex geometries and a high product customisation with high precision. REProMag allows fast prototyping of parts and thus faster proof of concept through additive manufacturing with minimised initial costs to achieve a fast proof of concept for new innovative ideas.
  • Production: REProMag offers a fast and reliable process for the production of RE-magnets with control of all parameters The innovative coating method avoids the oxidation of magnets; there is thus no distortion of the complex structures over time The computational modelling tool enables end-users to easily select the most appropriate shaping process according to the features and functions of the product/ application The production costs are reduced while the productivity is enhanced
  • Product: The REProMag SDS manufacturing method not only combines the advantages of conventional sintering and polymer-bonding of RE magnets, but allows also new applications, where high magnetic performance combined with low weight; temperature stability and miniaturisation are at stake REProMag allows/opens up new application areas for RE magnets by enabling the production of complex and/or miniaturised RE magnets geometries and assemblies with high geometrical precision REProMag manufacturing process allows the implementation of additional complex geometrical features such as threads, cooling channels, small laminations/segments (e.g. to increase the efficiency of electrical motors) and structural optimisations such as lightweight structures or the joint-free realisation of e.g. fins or fixtures, that are either not possible with conventional manufacturing technologies or would lead to a significant additional increase of waste material during machining Finally REProMag allows a high speed innovation approach with short time-to-market

Through the development of the new SDS processing route for RE-magnets, REProMag will have the following major impacts:

  • The material efficiency (reduced material charge and net-shape production) and use of recycled materials of the REProMag processing route will decrease the dependency on RE metals as critical raw materials significantly and work against the risk of a shortage as a limiting market growth factor
  • The reduction of the necessary machinery and post-processing steps will allow a reduction of the energy consumption compared to the classical processing rout
  • The combination of the net-shape processing and the computational modelling approach allows an elimination of almost all faulty manufactured parts, leading to a more efficient manufacturing route
  • The competitive REProMag SDS route is believed to drastically reduce the European dependency on Asian magnet manufacturers in key industrial sectors, which will not only boost the job creation in this sector in Europe, but is also important at a strategic level