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TU Wien (Vienna Technical University) was founded in 1815 as the "Imperial-Royal Polytechnic Institute" and is Austria’s largest scientific-technical research and educational institution. The university's teaching and research is focused on engineering and the natural sciences.
TU Wien operates an innovative Institute for Chemical Technologies and Analytics, supported by the X-Ray Center (Röntgenzentrum) that is active in the field of powder metallurgy since 50 years. The main activities of the institute’s working group “Powder Metallurgy” are in the field of ferrous metal parts, Metal Injection Moulding (MIM) of light alloys and here the sintering process is the main focus.
Within REProMag, TU Wien and its Institute for Chemical Technologies and Analytics conducts material characterization by X-ray diffraction, processing development of sintering step by thermal analysis (dilatometry in various atmospheres, powder characterisation by X-ray diffraction  and analysis of interstitial contents of powders and sintered.

We spoke with Ass. Prof. Dr. Christian Gierl-Meyer, Assistant Professor at TU Wien:

How did you come to hear about the project REProMag? What convinced you to get involved?

I met Carlo Burkhardt at EURO PM in Barcelona and had a discussion about MIM of magnets, which we performed together with Fotec and Serbian Partners. And we decided to have a meeting in Vienna which was the real starting point of REProMAG. It was the first attempt, which was not successful, but the second one was.

Which advantages are there for your organisation in REProMag?

The investigation on the magnetic materials is really highly relevant. It is one of the most complicated material I’ve ever seen and maybe also one of the most promising new materials and processes. To be part of this is highly favorable for our research group.

Is REProMag your first H2020 project? Your feedback on the project: Are you satisfied with it, would you do something differently if you could start again at day one?

Yes it’s my first 2020 project and I am quite happy with the performance of the project. Developing a new material is usually a long term process, which means 3 years are rather nothing, usually you know the challenges and problems after that period. But in REProMag we nearly developed a full process and some extremely promising side spin-offs. It’s hard to say what could be done differently if you have a project like this that runs so smoothly. I am a little bit sad, that we have to finish the project now without the big success having real magnets with good properties.


Dr. Christian Gierl-Meyer is Assistant Professor at TU Wien in the field of metallic sintering materials with a background in technical Chemistry. His current research topics are sintering of PM-steels and some special PM materials and atmosphere material interactions.