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TEKS SARL LIMITED (Sheffield, UK) was originally established in 2009 in France in the Hautes Alpes in an area close to Italy and Switzerland, to work on the development of sustainable and innovative manufacturing processes for the aerospace and the energy sector. This led the company to the development of new processes and materials that could be used in the aerospace and the automotive motorsport industries to reduce both vehicle weight and the carbon footprint of the associated processes. Attention has focused on the design and manufacture of advanced polymeric composites, advanced materials and metal matrix composites as these offer the potential for dramatic weight reduction with the potential to manufacture high value components in niche markets.Within REProMag, TEKS leads all activities and support project partners with regard to the environmental and economic impact assessment of the SDS processing route. In addition, TEKS guides the partners in the collection of environmental, economic and health and safety data collection in order to perform an in-depth analysis of the environmental and economic perspectives, whilst addressing any potential health hazards. TEKS activity focuses on R&D for the environmental and cost effective successful introduction of the REProMag technologies in a real production environment.

We spoke with Vincent Middleton, Chairman and Managing Director at TEKS:

How did you come to hear about the project REProMag?

As a result of the environmental assessment work (life cycle assessment (LCA) and life cycle costing (LCC)) completed on a previous EU funded project we engaged with REProMag to help complete the environmental assessment for this project.

Which advantages are there for your organisation in REProMag?

The advantages of REProMag for us as an organisation are that it allows interaction with multiple European companies, build relationships and hopefully engage in work in the future. As an SME this interaction is vital to our survival. As well as this, projects like REProMag allow us to expand our knowledge and understanding of an area of science/research that usually we would not take part in.

Your feedback on the project: Are you satisfied with it, would you do something differently if you could start again at day one?

Overall I am satisfied with the project, from a personal perspective the consortium were all very friendly and interacted with us when required to complete our tasks. The project management and organisation has been excellent and extremely useful to the successful running of this project.

Vincent Middleton has a degree in mechanical engineering from The University of Manchester. Before being chairman at TEKS he has worked in the engineering world for his entire career. He has a vast expertise in industrial processes for the manufacturing of aeroengines including machining and assembly.



Will Jones studied mechanical engineering at Sheffield Hallam University. Before this position Will was a student at university, Will's are of interest is mathematical modelling and impact assessments such as life cycle assessment.