Organisation profile

Lithoz GmbH is a R&D driven SME which develops and distributes additive manufacturing (AM) systems for ceramic materials on the basis of the patented Lithography based Ceramic Manufacturing (LCM)–technology. Lithoz covers the whole process chain from the mechanical engineering and material development over the material processing to the development of the hard- and software.


The core activities of Lithoz are

  • development and manufacturing of AM systems for ceramic materials
  • development and production of photocurable ceramic suspensions for AM

Role and contribution to REProMag

Lithoz is mainly involved in the evaluation of AM-techniques for the shaping of RE magnets. The company has experience in the development of highly filled dispersions for the application in lithography-based AM processes and in the shaping of high-performance ceramics. Further Lithoz uses its know-how in the field of AM of ceramics in order to establish a protocol for the lithographic processing of metallic dispersions.


Martin Schwentenwein
Head of Material Development
Tel: +43 1 9346612-204