Organisation profile

The Jo┼żef Stefan Institute (IJS) is a leading Slovenian research organisation and responsible for a broad spectrum of basic and applied research in the fields of natural sciences and technology. The staff of around 1000 is specialised in research in physics, chemistry and biochemistry, electronics and information science, nuclear technology, energy utilization and environmental science.
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The Department for Nanostructured Materials (K7) brings together scientists, experts and young researchers from various complementary fields of science. The basic and applied research in the department includes ceramic materials, intermetallic alloys and minerals. The department makes important contributions in the most advanced fields of science and technology, offers research support to partners from industry and is involved in two Centers of Excellence and in the European Research Programme.
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Role and contribution to REProMag

Within the REProMag project, IJS contributes to magnet processing, new technologies, magnetic measurements and materials characterization.


Mr Benjamin Podmiljsak
Research scientist
Tel: +38 614773818