[WORKSHOP] Circular Economy for RE magnets (30 March 2017)

In the frame of the REProMag Academy, our partner University of Birmingham (UK) organised a workshop at the premises of its Magnetic Materials Group, Metallurgy & Materials in Birmingham, UK.

The workshop offered the opportunity to understand and discus the advances and progress being made in the development of technologies required for a circular economy of rare earth magnets. Speakers presented work covering the full value chain of the production of recycled rare earth magnetic materials, including:

  • The automated separation of magnet containing end of life consumer goods
  • Extraction and hydrogen separation of the rare earth magnetic material
  • Possible reprocessing routes of the extracted rare earth material
  • Life cycle assessment

The main purpose of the workshop was to inform the wider rare earth magnet community of all aspects of the recycling of these materials and offer the opportunity to discuss the associated technology and issues.  It aimed to:

  • Identify the problems associated with the recycling of rare earth magnetic materials
  • Describe the full value chain of recycling rare earth magnetic materials and the problems at each processing stage
  • Pass on solutions from one processing technique to another
  • Inform end users of the likely magnetic properties achievable from recycled rare earth magnets
  • Impart information regarding life cycle analysis, what is required and the interpretation of the assessment

The workshop obtained a very positive feedback as it gathered a wide range of backgrounds—potential end-users, scientists, students, measurement and assessment firms—which enabled the 35 participants to benefit from a wide range of experiences and points of view. Programme

REProMag Material

The use of hydrogen to separate and recycle rare earth magnet, by Dr. Allan Walton and Professor Rex Harris, University of Birmingham (UK)

Project REProMag - Resource Efficient Production of Magnets, by Prof. Carlo Burkhardt, OBE Ohnmacht & Baumgärtner GmbH & Co. KG (Germany)