Project Events

18 months REProMag Partner & Review meeting in Wedemark, Germany - Fruitful discussions and a very positive feedback from PO and PTA!

July 6-8, 2016

Half of the project duration being reached, the REProMag partners held their 2-days Partner Meeting followed by a Review Meeting with Mr Barry Robertson, Project Officer and Mr Jiri Muller, Project Technical Advisor on the 3rd day. Both meetings were hosted by the partner Sennheiser at their headquarters in Wedemark Wennebostel, Germany.

The Partner Meeting enabled the partners to come together and discuss the latest project results in order to fine-tune and plan future activities. The partners also had the chance to get a company tour from Sennheiser.

The third day was dedicated to the review by the European Commission with a presentation of the main project activities and results since the project started. Both PO and PTA were positively convinced by the strong cooperation between partners and the numbers of outcomes (tangible products but also knowledge) which could have a commercial relevance soon after the project's official end.