Project Events

6 months REProMag Partner Meeting in Pforzheim, Germany – great working atmosphere and consortiums expert knowledge advances the project!

Seven months after the official project start and kick-off meeting in Stuttgart (Germany), the REProMag consortium came together for two days in order to hold the first semi-annual meeting in Pforzheim, Germany. Eager to present the actual status in each work packages and first results, the agenda for the upcoming days was rich in content and tightly structured. Work package planning workshops, the first IPR and exploitation workshop where only a few items on the agenda besides the work package presentations. All in all it must be said that important work has already been undertaken and good results have been achieved by the partners at this early stage of the project. Also our Project Technical Advisor from the European Commission, Mr. Jiri Muller, complimented the whole consortium on the progresses and results achieved. Freshly motivated and inspired for the upcoming project period, all partners are looking forward to the upcoming tasks and challenges!