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Go4SET CAD - Celebration and Assessment Day of the Go4SET project (23 June 2017 in Sheffield, UK)

Go4SET links teams of six Year 8/9 (England) and S2 (Scotland) pupils with employers and universities to offer a 10 week Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) Project. The project organised by EDT, Engineering Development Trust, aims at making an important contribution to the future of STEM through inspiring pupils to become involved at this key stage in their education. Work-related learning within an industry and enterprise context is thus at the core of the Go4SET experience.

Partner TEKS (France and Sheffield, UK) got involved as assessor during the Go4SET CAD - Celebration and Assessment  Day at the Sheffield Hallam University. A great occasion to present REProMag as a participative research and innovation project involving academia, industry and research to the youngest generations!

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