REProMag video No.1: The project in a nutshell

4:37 minutes of useful information presented in a simple way – the stake of the project, the SDS process and the benefits. Enjoy and share!
(click on the picture left)

REProMag video No.2: Analyse the performance of the SDS process

What is Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) and why are we applying it to the project? Find out more with this video!
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REProMag video No.3: Magnetic Alignment of MIM Demonstrator Parts

Magnetic alignment of parts for REPRoMag's demonstrator 4 (a SDS-magnet rotor segment insert) during Metal Injection Moulding. ©Thomas Schlauf, FOTEC Forschungs- und Technologietransfer GmbH for the REProMag project. (click on the picture left)

REProMag video No.4: Industrial Applications for SDS RE magnets

Showing how REProMag permanent magnets are made and where they can be used. Contains pictures and videos by Sennheiser electronic and with according copyrights. (click on the picture left)