REProMag Workshops

REProMag is a multidisciplinary project demonstrating a very diverse range of expertise in highly specialised and leading-edge domains. Therefore training activities are important tools not only to disseminate the new results achieved to students, young scientists or young professionals (technicians or engineers), but also to raise interest in the functioning of these new technologies to professionals and potential end-users. 

To this aim, “REProMag Academy” was created as a set of training activities organised and led by the project partners and based on the identification and analysis of training needs and possibilities. Two types of trainings were defined: Knowledge-transfer seminars and Technology-transfer seminars.

Knowledge-transfer seminars are conceived as dissemination instruments oriented at a wider audience, spreading knowledge and delivering visibility to general project objectives and technological developments of REPRoMag. Most seminars are currently university courses.

Technology-transfer workshops are foreseen as more interactive sessions, where information on specific REProMag technologies or processes is approached in depth.


Learn more about our workshops:

[CLOSED] Circular Economy for RE magnets (30 March 2017)| read more |

[CLOSED] Industrial Applications for Additive Manufacturing (GERMAN - 13 June 2017)| read more |

[CLOSED] Resource-efficient Production of Functional Components made out of Critical Metals (GERMAN - 27 September 2017)| read more |


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