Final Event: Resource Efficient Production of Rare-Earth Magnets – the EU Project REProMag

25 October 2017 – 2:30-4:30pm (CET) – Geneva, Switzerland

Join our workshop for fruitful discussions!

Brief workshop overview:

  • Info session: Find out more about REProMag and its context, RE-recycling, the REProMag SDS routes – MIM (Metal Injection Moulding) / AM (Additive Manufacturing) – and our achievements
  • Demo session: Discover REProMag prototypes, parts and equipment
  • Panel discussion: Participate in our debate on circular economy and RE-magnetic materials

Our workshop is organised in the frame of WRF 2017 – the World Resources Forum 2017, which overall topic is “Accelerating the Resource Revolution”. Discussions will tackle the ideas and conditions behind this revolution, as well as potential obstacles and opportunities that it will bring for governments, businesses, academia and the civil society. The conference will gather key players from around the globe and present the best solutions and innovations to boost resource efficiency worldwide. How to accelerate this transition and how to manage, train and communicate about it will be the focus of the WRF 2017.

How to participate?

The REPRoMag workshop is for free but you have to register to the WRF 2017 (registration fees and benefits).

1.      Register to WRF 2017 (here) special prices are offered to students
2.      Secure your place in our workshop by sending us a request via the form hereunder:


subscription information

Don't hesitate to contact REProMag's coordinator Prof. Dr. Carlo Burkhardt if you have any questions!

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